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Laser Engines





6  Laser Beam Combiner


This base laser merge module system can combine up to 6 solid state lasers into a single co-linear beam which can be launched into an optical fibre. Individual laser line selection and laser line intensity is controlled via software.


This system can be upgraded to a dual laser output so the user can decide within software between two optical fibre outputs for use in applications such as parallel imaging and FRAP.

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6 Laser Beam Combiner




Wavelengths: 405, 445, 488, 514, 532, 561, 642 (other visible wavelengths will be available on request)


Integrated AOTF for laser line selection and intensity control


Active blanking to perfectly synchronize with camera readout


Quite, Cool with Low Power Consumption


External input allows existing gas lasers to be fully integrated


Dual output system allows switching between outputs at <10mS

6 Laser Beam Combiner


6-Channel Laser Merge Module, to download please click here


6-Channel Laser Merge Module with Dual laser output Spec, to download please click here









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