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High Speed AOD Based Point Scanner


The VT-Eye from VisiTech International is a breakthrough in confocal imaging for the material science community. Using novel acousto-optical deflector technology, the VT-Eye allies ultra-fast scanning and acquisition with high resolution confocal imaging to deliver a system that sets new standards in real-time confocal microscopy of fast dynamic events.

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High Speed AOD Based Point Scanner




Scanning module:      Digitally controlled AOD for fast x-axis scans, galvanometer mirror for y-axis scans


Resolution:                   1340x1340 to 50x50


Scan speeds:                 50 fps at 1340 x 1340

                                          115 fps at 512 x 512

                                          450 fps at 50 x 50 pixels


Zoom:                             1.0 to 20.0 continuously variable


Confocal apertures:   6 user selectable apertures including empty


Detection:                     Up to four PMT detector channels


Data depth:                   10 or 8 bit automatically selected to match image capture rate


High Speed AOD Based Point Scanner


VT-Eye Confocal Scan Head Brochure, to download please click here


Shear Zones and Wall Slip in the Capillary Flow of Concentrated Colloidal Suspensions, to download please click here


Quantitative Imaging of Colloid Flows, to download please click here






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